Seeing Clearly

In third world countries, you see it everywhere you go–people struggling for basic necessities, lives being lived in desperate circumstances.

This man, whose name we did not learn, sat begging on the street. His face was void. Where beautiful eyes should have looked out, there were only empty sockets.

When you are begging on the street, blind to all that is happening around you, relying on your other senses to make up for your lost sight, a few extra dollars, though not much, is enough to make your day a little better, enough to make the struggle a little easier for a little while.

When you see clearly the circumstances of others, your heart can change. When you open your eyes to the conditions in which other lives, less fortunate than yours, are being lived, it offers perspective. Things may be hard for you right now, but they could always be harder. It may seem that life is not fair, but there are many who have been dealt a much harder hand. When life feels devastating, or times are difficult, we can dwell on the struggle, or we can accept it and then look beyond ourselves to help others, to make another’s day a little brighter, because when life feels desperate, we know the difference one small act of kindness can make.

Written by Shalyce Cluf

Thank you for joining us on this journey!