Our Current Project: Children’s Scholarships

One of the central purposes of Life Differently, is to help provide the tools that will allow individuals to escape the cycle of poverty. That is why we are SO excited for our next project.

Education is free in Honduras, but children who are unable to provided the needed supplies are not allowed to attend. Instead, they generally spend their days watching their younger brothers and sisters so their mother can work or they work to provide some very limited income for their family.

When children miss their opportunity for an education, the continuation of the poverty cycle is inevitable.

We hope to make this school year, which will be starting soon, different for many children. We will be providing scholarships for children, who are either unable to attend, or those for which it is a great difficulty.

We need your help to make this happen. Please consider a donation, or share our project with others who might want to help these children lift themselves out of poverty.

By providing scholarships to children who would otherwise be unable to attend school, we are working to break the cycle of poverty binding so many to a life of great difficulty and struggle.


Lesly’s Home

In January of 2020, we were able to help a single mother restore her home which had disintegrated from the weather.

Christmas 2019

This past Christmas, thanks to your generous donations, we were able to provide 27 families with a meal for Christmas, and 40 children with a small gift.

November Visit to Honduras

In November 2019, our first official Life Differently team was able to visit El Salvador and Honduras. While there the following projects were completed.

1. Home improvement to provide Candida’s family with protections from the elements and flooding. Read her story at

2. Community meal for those living in poverty. This provided the Life Differently team a way to ease the burdens of those who struggle daily for food, as well as for the team to become familiar with the community and learn more of the community needs and what projects will be of the greatest benefit.

3. Workshops and snacks for those in the most impoverished area. Workshops will provide community members (adults and children) the opportunity to learn skills that they might be able to use to earn money. Pizza and soda will be provided for the children for a pizza party–something most children there have never experienced.

4. Two twin beds for Jose Ines who lives in one of the poorer areas of the village and cares for four of his grandchildren. They currently have one twin sized bed for five people.

5. Hygiene supplies and small gifts for girls living in a home for children whose parents cannot afford to keep them in their own home. In the children’s home they are also provided an education, something they may not otherwise acquire. Learn more at

6. Provide supplies at the corresponding boys home for a garden to beautify the children’s home and help the boys learn beneficial skills.

Food for Honduran and El Salvadoran Villagers

With local help, we are able to deliver food to the poor in villages in Honduras and El Salvador. As we deliver the food we learn the stories of those to whom we take it, then bring the stories to you. The Life Differently blog allows you to experience the lives and see the faces of the individuals we serve.

Donations for San Salvador Street Vendors

In January of 2019, in one day, we were able to take over $400 to street vendors. This money allowed these individuals to take a day off, stock up on goods, or just bring home a better day’s wages.

Children’s Home Supplies

We were able to donate diapers and toilet paper, the most needed items, to Hogar Padre Vito Guarato Home in San Salvador, El Salvador, which serves medically fragile and mentally impaired children and adults. Members of our group also took a day to meet and visit with the residents.